Republican gubernatorial candidate, former state House speaker, and former United State Attorney Catherine Hanaway emailed followers Monday that her vision for Missouri was to make it safer and stronger:

“This week, leaders and representatives of the Republican Party head off to Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention. One of the themes for the convention is to “Make America Safe Again”. This theme captures exactly what I want to do in Missouri as Governor: make Missouri Safer and Stronger.

Over the past two years, I have had hundreds of opportunities to show voters my vision to make Missouri Safe and Strong. However, nothing sums it up quite as well as my opening remarks in a debate last week. I encourage you to watch my vision for Missouri below.

My vision for Missouri does not include communities burned to the ground by rioters.
My vision for Missouri does not include the failed policies of Jay Nixon, nor does it continue down the path of economic failure and anemic job growth.
My vision for Missouri includes a Missouri where life is regarded as precious, religious liberties and Second Amendment rights are protected and good police officers are NOT targeted for trying to keep us safe.

My vision for Missouri includes a climate where our children and grandchildren have every opportunity possible to succeed. In my vision, Missouri will become safer and stronger.”
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