Midwestern Faith-Based Values

Small town America is where I grew up and where my values were formed.  Tank heaters, bale hooks, well water and electric fences were just part of everyday life on the acreage where my parents and I raised horses.   I earned money in the summers hoeing beans and detasseling corn. 4-H taught me my first lessons in leadership, and the NRA awarded me a 1st Class Marksmanship certificate in the seventh grade.

God gave me the greatest gift any child can have starting out in life—a wonderful mother and father.  From my earliest memories, I recall them teaching me what really matters: faith, family and hard work.  We may not have had a lot of money, but we had something much more valuable. We knew that Jesus Christ was our Savior, and my siblings and I always knew that our parents loved us and had high expectations for us.  These values still guide me every day, and my fondest wish is that my husband Chris and I will pass them on to our children, Jack and Lucy. Values like the notion that one’s self-worth is determined by the sweat of their brow and not through any accident of birth. I was raised to believe that anyone could realize the American Dream if they were determined enough and were willing to work hard at it.



I often hear from Missourians who are worried. They worry about the quality and the content of what is being taught in the schools they send their children to and what values are being taught to their children in those schools.  They worry that their children and grandchildren will have to leave Missouri to find the same opportunities they had. I understand these concerns because, as a mother of two, I share these concerns.

I am worried that the current administrations in Jefferson City and Washington D.C. are slowly chipping away at the American Dream and our Midwest values, making it harder for people to start careers and build families. As Governor, I want to make sure Missouri’s children have a bright future to look forward to here in our great state.


Leadership with Results

Unlike the career politicians of today, my time in elected office was limited and full of actual results. After being elected as the first Republican Speaker of the House in 48 years and the only woman to ever hold that job, I stopped Governor Holden’s job-killing tax increases, enacted Missouri’s concealed carry law, reformed the state’s broken foster care system, ended public funding of abortions, put in place the first mandatory waiting period for abortions and established Missouri’s AMBER Alert system that has helped save countless Missouri children. And I was able to do all this, often over Governor Holden’s objections and vetoes, by reaching across the aisle and convincing Democrats as well as Republicans to embrace conservative proposals and values.

After my first year as Speaker, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, usually not a big fan of mine, wrote a front page story proclaiming that praying had replaced partying in the Capitol under my leadership.  Things have slid backwards in the 12 years since I left the Capitol, and it needs a good scrubbing again.  I have cleaned up Jeff City once, and I can’t wait to do it again.

Having accomplished all of this in just two years, I moved on to the next challenge, even though I was not term limited out of office.



Next, I served as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri—the chief federal law enforcement official for half the state. I prosecuted more than 4,000 cases and supervised a staff of over 100. I led major expansions of the office’s prosecution of meth dealers, child abusers and those who prey on our vulnerable nursing home residents.  Under my leadership, the office was a national leader in prosecuting child exploiters and abusers and placed a much greater focus on serving rural counties, instead of just the St. Louis region.

Some of the toughest challenges facing our state are related to lawlessness—Ferguson, protests at the University of Missouri, skyrocketing murder rates in St. Louis and Kansas City.  I am the only Republican running who has been a prosecutor and the only one who has the right experience to restore law and order to Missouri.

Why Governor

Why Governor?

This is a great state with even greater people.  I am running for Governor because I believe the values Missourians hold dear are under attack. I believe Missouri needs effective leadership from a Governor who will lead from the front and work with the General Assembly to pass common sense reforms that will bring quality jobs to Missouri and protect our way of life from West and East coast liberals. I believe Missouri is worth fighting for. As your Governor, I will work every day to ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit the greatest legacy we can give to them: faith, freedom, and opportunity right here in Missouri!

Catherine Hanaway