What Too Expect

  • Escape is an open forest with lots of points of interest spread around. You can go in whatever direction you want, the game does not constrain you.
  • There are two islands in the game, both with their unique characteristics and things to look out for.
  • While exploring around you have to be careful of what is in the forest. They are always watching you and always preparing to scare you.
  • You must collect all 10 Golden skulls around the map to Escape.

Game Features

  • Escape is guaranteed to give you a fright no matter what scares you.
  • Escape will get your adrenaline pumping and heighten your senses.
  • Amazing horror atmosphere.
  • Large map to explore with many scares waiting for you.
  • Smart AI to enhance the fear factor.
  • Breath taking scenery for you to enjoy when not being scared.

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