Synthetik is a first person shooter game, with a futuristic setting. The player is challenged to kill his enemies, which are all robots. The player can use weapons he finds on the ground, or he can create his own weapons by capturing the energy of the robots, and then creating a gun out of it. In the near future, a new drug has been developed that gives humans the ability to control their own biology. The world is divided by those who have experimented with this drug and those who shun it. The experimenters are called Synthetik and the shunners normies.


The player can create two different kinds of weapons, the first one being a normal gun, which takes up 1 energy point. The other type of gun the player can create is called an annihilator, which takes up 3 energy points. The player can also use the energy points to boost his weapon, for example to make the gun shoot faster, but this comes at the cost of limited ammunition. The player can also use the energy he captures to create shields, which are useful for protecting the player from enemy fire. The gameplay of Synthetik is a third-person shooter that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The player takes the role of a Synthetik, who is the protagonist of the story. The player is equipped with an arm cannon that fires bio-electricity. The player can also use a bio-electric shield to protect them from enemy fire. The player can use this shield to create a wall of bio-electricity or to charge up their arm cannon for a more powerful shot.


The graphics are very well designed. The player has the ability to customize the color of his character, which is useful for personal preference. The game has a futuristic setting, which is well depicted in the graphics.


The game is very replayable because of its different modes. There is a story mode, where the player has to complete a certain amount of levels, and there is a survival mode, where the player has to kill as many enemies as possible.


Synthetik is an interesting game. It is very easy to play, which is its main disadvantage. It is also very short. It is stylish and eye-catching. It is also very easy. The game is also very short. The game is also very easy. The game is also very repetitive. The game is also very linear.

  • The player can only create two types of guns
  • The player can create guns with limited energy
  • The player can only create shields with limited energy
  • It is a very challenging game
  • The graphics are well designed
  • The player can customize the color of his character
  • The game has a variety of modes

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