In the latest installment of the popular series, Need for Speed Payback, players take on the role of three different characters to explore a variety of driving styles and take on a variety of driving challenges. The three characters are Tyler, a mechanic and a street racer, Mac, a former cop who now races illegally to make ends meet, and Jess, a car thief who has been left to take care of her family's farm.


The gameplay of Need for Speed Payback is very diverse and players can explore a variety of driving styles. For example, Tyler, the mechanic character, is able to drive off-road and is able to drive a range of cars from muscle cars to off-road racing trucks. Jess, the car thief character, can be used to explore the city and find cars that she can then hotwire and take away. Mac, the former cop, has the ability to access the police database and can use his knowledge to find wanted cars and evade the cops. The gameplay of Need for Speed™ Payback is split into three main parts: racing, off-roading, and drag racing. The player must complete missions in order to progress. It is possible to find and collect cars which will give the player a better chance against the competition.


The graphics of Need for Speed Payback are in-keeping with the graphics in the previous releases in the series, in that they are not the best but are still in-keeping with the series. The graphics in Need for Speed™ Payback are aesthetically pleasing. One of the most noticeable graphics in the game is the area in which the player will be driving. There is a lot of detail in the environment and scenery which make the game more realistic and give the player a sense of freedom.


Need for Speed Payback has a variety of races to complete in order to unlock new cars and the game will take the player through the story. However, the game does not have many side missions to keep the player occupied. Players may find Need for Speed™ Payback to be a little repetitive. This is because the game does not offer anything new after it is complete. The game is also difficult to complete which may cause players to lose interest.


Need for Speed™ Payback is a racing video game that was released on November 10, 2017. The game was created by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. The game is available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • The game is not very challenging for more experienced players
  • The game can be repetitive, because the player is only completing the same types of race over and over again
  • The game offers variety depending on the character the player chooses, which is good for players who want to explore different styles of gameplay
  • The game is not too difficult for casual gamers
  • The game has a good storyline

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