The Sims 4 game allows you to build your own online life with the house, the car, and even the wife of your dream. Sims 4 came out in 2017. There were multiple updates of Sims 4 since. The game is compatible with all popular consoles. Sims 4 is available on PCs as well.

To live the life of your dream

What is Sims 4 about? This is a real-life simulator meaning that you can do everything you do in your ordinary life there. Plan your house, meet a woman, make friends. There are plenty of emotions inside the game that will influence the mood of your character. There is no story behind Sims 4, but the non-linear gameplay will have an impact on all your decisions.

How to play Sims 4

The first thing you can do in Sims 4 is to create your own protagonist. Ther are plenty of options for this, including skull structure. The fourth generation of Sims adds more realism to the system of buildings construction and purchases allowing users to build more realistic constructions. There are plenty of new building tools that change the height of the walls, add some architectural solutions, and many more.

There is also a gallery that allows players to upload ready families and buildings. You can have an immediate snapshot to upload it to a gallery.

How does Sims 4 look like?

The game picture is great even though the developers had a goal to create a product with average system requirements. They used simple detalization and low resolution for some objects as compared to the Sims 3 game. The team has rejected the idea of photo-realistic landscapes to make the graphic look brighter. The animation as also great. The developers took into account the emotions while creating the characters.

How to control your sim

You can use both keyboard/mouse and gamepad controls. This is not a shooter or a wargame where you need fast reactions. This means that both types of controllers are comfortable.


Sims 4 is the sequel of the legendary strategy. This is the best real-life simulator ever created. Sims 4 offers an almost unlimited number of settings and opportunities that significantly increase the replay value of the game. You can download Sims 4 from the official Microsoft website.

  • Not for everyone.
  • Full control of the protagonist;
  • Plenty of emotions that have a significant impact on the game;
  • Many types of buildings and cars to interact with;
  • Various settings to create a unique protagonist;
  • Sims 4 was created for all gaming platforms, including PCs and consoles.

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