Android Auto for Phone Screens Doesn't Work

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Android Auto for Phone Screens app stops working on devices. There is a wireless issue reported by the audience. Beta testers complain about the problems with the setup of the app that is still under development.
This app is considered to be the most comfortable solution for phones that contain all the benefits of the Android Auto. It will replace the bigger app for the old cars, according to Google. The app is still in development and active testing. Meanwhile, Google announced that it is working on a better version of the Android Auto. The new version will have an improved interface and will provide support to the responses from the Google Assistant. At the same time, there are numerous reports coming from beta testers that say that the app experience different problems including the wireless connection lack and the difficulty of the setup process.
One of the posts that were published on Reddit indicated that the new app reveals the message that the app is going to stop working soon. The message appears on the screen. Google does not make any comments about the problems that appear with the app. They also do not name the date of the closure. However, users are worried that the app will not be available any time soon. Only last year the company officials said that they are going to close the app from the Android 12 system in the future.
The Android Auto testers made numerous reports on Reddit about the issues they have found while using it. It looks like Google is far from its main goal. The setup process has numerous flaws as well. Some users can’t even start it. Users complain that all they see is the message notifying them that the process does not work yet.
What do you think about the new app? Have you used the old version? You can express your thoughts in the comments below.

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