Chrome OS Updates: How and Where to Check

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The best way to keep the Chromebook stuffed with the latest innovations is to update it once the new version is released. Only by updating your Chrome OS, will you be able to enjoy new features and advanced security. However, some users believe it is too hard to keep up with the latest updates. The process of updating is also different based on the developer of the operating system.

This article will be helpful to everyone who wants to find an easy way to update. It will also help you to figure out how to install the update once you find it. Follow the helpful steps from the guide.

Importance of Updates

Before we start, let’s find out why we need updates on the Chromebook. There are a couple of reasons that make the update so vital. Check them out:

  • Features. You need to have access to the newest features that Chrome OS provides. Every release contains several features at least. There are also improvements in design and graphics. Any feature is made to help users with a specific problem;
  • Higher protection level. You need to make sure that your security level is still high. Chromebook usually receive updates with improved security against malware and hackers. Since hackers don’t stop trying to hack out devices, developers constantly work on making security advanced.

The best way to keep up with updates

To be able to download updates once they appear you have to check for them. This is how you can do it. All you need is to go to Settings. Here is the step-by-step instruction:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Pick the About Chrome OS you see on your left side;
  • Press the Check for Updates icon. If updates are there you will see the phrase Your Chromebook is up to date;
  • If you have not installed the update yet, Chromebook will begin the procedure. The message Updating your device will appear;
  • Once the update is finished, you have to press the button Restart. The Chromebook will be rebooted. Now all you have to do is to use all the features that were released in this update and wait for the new one.

There is nothing complicated in checking or installing new updates. However, you have to make sure that the update is ready. You can check out Settings almost every day. Yet, the simplest way is to sign up for the social network of Chrome OS. Once you see the developers announce new updates, go to the Settings and make sure you don’t miss them.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there are no automatic updates. You have to go to the Settings, open the About Chrome OS section, and find the update. It does not take much time to install and reboot the device. However, once it is done, you have to keep up with further updates.

Before you do anything, make sure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi. You will have to connect to Google directly to download the update. Pay attention to the fact that Google receives information from your Chromebook at the same time you receive information from you. It checks the number of your device and the language. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with your Google Account or your personal information. If the process is not starting or can’t be completed, contact the support team.

Updates for Chromebook

Updates to Chrome OS are not rare. They usually provide more features for users and their Chromebooks. If you are a daily Chromebook user you will need the updates. To download the update you have to find it in Settings. Read the simple instructions and you will be able to do it in no time. If you have more recommendations you can share them in the comments below. Do you use the updates often? Which feature is your favorite on your Chromebook?

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