Elon Musk Advocates for Open Communication Channels on Social Platforms

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Over recent years, Elon Musk has certainly further solidified his high-profile reputation. This has been particularly evident since his acquisition of the social media platform Twitter, now known as X, where he has been steadily implementing changes.

Taking to the platform, Musk recently stated:
"The 'Block' feature is set to be removed, excluding from direct messages. Its existence doesn't make sense."

However, this was immediately challenged by users who quoted the social media guidelines put forth by Apple and Google for their App Store and Google Play respectively. It seems clear that adherence to certain rules is a must for apps to be featured on these platforms.

Apple Guidelines

"Apps that include user-generated content or operate as social networking services must feature the option to block users who engage in abusive behavior."

Google Guidelines

"Applications that showcase content created by users require a potent and ongoing moderation method. This method should include a feature within the app that allows blocking of both content and users."

Despite these rules, it is speculated that a potential solution could be the introduction of a "mute function" to replace the block feature. This way, X's removal from these digital platforms, under their current definitions, may not be a certainty. It's still uncertain how this mooted mute function might work, and it's intriguing as to why Musk, who's known for blocking those he disagrees with, would want to implement this change in the first place.

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