Exploring the Depths: Top 5 Games That Capture the Essence of Subnautica's Underwater Adventures

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Subnautica, with its expansive underwater world, has captivated the hearts of gamers with its unique blend of survival, exploration, and construction. However, the ocean depths are not solely owned by this title. Many other games offer similar thrills and chills, taking players to worlds both beneath the waves and across the stars. Let's dive into five games that echo the Subnautica experience, providing gamers with exciting, immersive worlds to explore.

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky by Hello Games offers an infinite cosmic sandbox that shares a kindred spirit with Subnautica. Although primarily set in the boundless expanse of space, planets covered with oceans invite players to plumb their secrets. This game's vast procedurally generated universe ensures that no two planets are the same, offering endless exploration opportunities. Crafting, resource gathering, and base building are integral to your journey, just as they are in Subnautica, though with a broader scope, given the interstellar setting. Frequent updates have transformed No Man's Sky into an experience that is as involved and dynamic as any oceanic adventure.

No Man's Sky game


While ABZÛ from Giant Squid Studios doesn't offer the survival aspects of Subnautica, it captures the profound sense of immersion and tranquility found beneath the waves. In ABZÛ, players glide through beautifully rendered underwater environments filled with vibrant ecosystems. Though it is more of an artistic experience than a game of resource management and base building, ABZÛ excels in presenting the serene wonder of the underwater world. It's a narrative journey that, despite lacking dialogue, tells a compelling story through its visuals and interaction with marine life.

ABZÛ game

The Forest

Endnight Games' The Forest swaps ocean depths for the dark heart of a dense woodland. As a survival game, it carries many of the same mechanics found in Subnautica - gathering resources, crafting gear, and building shelter. Unlike the peace found beneath the waves, The Forest introduces a more intense atmosphere with the constant threat of cannibalistic tribes. The game creates a juxtaposition between the beauty of nature and the savage reality of survival, offering players a different kind of thrill while maintaining the essence of resourcefulness and discovery that makes Subnautica so engaging.

The Forest video game


If the sea is your calling, Raft by Redbeet Interactive will be your beacon. This survival game places players on a tiny raft in the middle of an expansive ocean, challenging them to expand their floating abode into a multi-story haven. Like Subnautica, players must dive below the surface to gather materials while also managing their thirst and hunger. The threats here are more than just resource scarcity, as the wildlife, especially the persistent shark, provides significant challenges. With its focus on waterborne survival and crafting, Raft maintains an engaging balance of tension and progression.

Raft game by Redbeet Interactive

Green Hell

Creepy Jar's Green Hell transports players to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, where survival is a constant battle against the elements, wildlife, and the protagonist's psyche. The game’s realistic survival mechanics demand careful attention to physical and mental health, similar to the vital stats players must maintain in Subnautica. Building shelters, crafting tools, and securing food is vital to staying alive. Green Hell encourages a deep interaction with the environment, where every plant or creature can be both a resource and a hazard. Although not set underwater, the game's commitment to an authentic survival experience echoes the immersive and challenging world of Subnautica.

Green Hell game

Each of these games presents a unique angle on the survival and exploration genre. No Man's Sky takes the concept to the stars, offering a virtually endless universe to explore. ABZÛ narrows the focus, providing a serene, narrative-driven dive into the beauty of ocean life. The Forest brings a touch of horror into the survival mix, setting up a nerve-racking fight for existence against hostile forces. Raft offers a more niche experience, honing in on waterborne survival and crafting, while Green Hell emphasizes a realistic approach to surviving the dangers of a tropical rainforest.

In essence, the spirit of Subnautica lives on in these titles through their common themes of survival, resource management, and exploration. The way each game handles these elements varies, offering players new worlds to immerse themselves in, new challenges to overcome, and new stories to create. Whether it's the tranquil exploration, the fight for survival, or the joy of building, fans of Subnautica will find aspects to love in each of these games.

Ultimately, the best game for any player, like Subnautica, will come down to personal preference. Those who yearn to uncover the mysteries hidden in the depths of oceans, forests, and the cosmos will find that each of these titles offers a compelling adventure that resonates with the pioneering spirit found in Subnautica. The beauty of this genre lies in the diversity of experiences it provides, and these top games continue to push the boundaries, offering gamers remarkable worlds to explore and survive in.

Whether you are navigating your raft to the next scrap of civilization, deciphering the story woven into the seas of ABZÛ, or fighting for survival against otherworldly creatures, these games share a lineage with Subnautica. They remind us that, no matter the setting, the call of adventure is universal, and the joy of discovery is an experience that games can deliver in truly spectacular fashion.

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