Facebook Extends Features of Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is starting to lose popularity, competing daily with a wide range of messaging apps. Developers continue to work hard on numerous new features that may attract the audience. Now, they represent silent messages and GIFs. Users will be able to express themselves better in the Shortcuts.

Shortcuts is the new pack of features that uses the commands on Messenger. Both Android and iOS platform owners will be able to use the simplified procedure to chat with each other. The commands are available in the chat window and can perform different tasks. For example, users can send the message silently without being exposed by other users. Another feature is that they now use the command to notify another member of the group. Apart from that, the new service allows users to send ASCII emojis and GIFs to the recipients. These features were created to simplify users’ experience since you can navigate everything with the command in one word.

The information was revealed on Tuesday, by the Messenger team themselves. Shortcuts service was introduced as a part of Messenger for iOS and Android owners. Starting this day, the features are available to use. You may try it by typing @everyone and sending one message to all users in the chat. You may use it to ask for the attention of everyone to an important announcement or question. You may remind others about the old message they did not pay attention to before.

Users can explore the silent command in the group chat or in tet-a-tet correspondence. If you believe you will disturb the person right now, but want to send the message until you forget, you can make it silent. Once the person reads it, you can expect the answer.

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