Final Curtains for Kinect as Microsoft Ceases Production - Again

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Exactly a decade ago, people were extremely disappointed with Microsoft. They had just unveiled a less powerful console, Xbox One, than its main rival, PlayStation 4. However, it was priced $100 more as it came with a high-tech camera bundled with each console.

This camera was pegged as an essential part of the Xbox experience and was designed to be always on, potentially recording what people said and even filming in people's living rooms unexpectedly. As expected, these features did not sit well with the public, and the backlash compelled Microsoft to substantially revise the Xbox One concept.

Once the Kinect camera was no longer a compulsory add-on, its popularity dwindled and it was eventually discontinued. Yet, it found some other applications and was even reintroduced as recently as 2019 via the Azure Kinect Developer Kit. However, as reported by The Verge, it failed to gain much traction and Microsoft has discontinued Kinect once more.

The Azure Kinect Developer Kit will only be available until stocks last and the software will not be discontinued. While there's a possibility the camera and brand may be revived in the future, this could be the end of Kinect. What are your thoughts?

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