Final Fantasy 14: How to Unlock the Coveted Island Alligator Mount

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The Island Alligator Mount is one of the most coveted rewards available in Final Fantasy 14's Island Sanctuary. This exclusive mount not only serves as a status symbol showcasing a player’s dedication but also adds a unique flair to one's collection. In this guide, we will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step process to unlock the Alligator Mount, ensuring you're well-prepared to conquer the Island Sanctuary and earn this sought-after prize.

Step 1: Reaching Island Sanctuary Level 12

Reaching Island Sanctuary Level 12

The first and foremost requirement to unlock the Island Alligator Mount is to reach Level 12 in your Island Sanctuary. This process involves engaging in various activities within your Island Sanctuary, including farming, crafting, gathering, and decorating. Each of these activities contributes experience points (XP) towards leveling up your sanctuary.

Tips to efficiently level up:

  • Regularly harvest crops and tend to your animals to accumulate XP continuously.
  • Complete daily and weekly challenges that provide substantial XP boosts.
  • Decorate your sanctuary and expand its facilities as soon as you unlock new areas and options at each level.

Step 2: Accumulating Seafarer's Cowries

Once you have reached Level 12, the next major task lies in collecting 35,000 Seafarer’s Cowries, the currency required to purchase the Alligator Mount. Seafarer's Cowries can be earned by participating in various activities and completing specific challenges within the Island Sanctuary.

Strategies to earn Seafarer’s Cowries:

  • Workshops & Expeditions: Fill up your Workshop agenda with profitable items and ensure they are continuously produced. Sending out expeditions will yield resources that can be crafted into valuable goods.
  • Gather Resources: Consistently gather rare materials and resources spread across your island. These resources are essential for crafting and fulfilling workshop orders.
  • Complete Challenges: Regularly check and complete both daily and weekly challenges to maximize your Cowrie accumulation. These challenges often provide substantial rewards and are crucial for reaching the 35,000 Cowries mark.

Step 3: Making the Purchase

Once you have amassed the necessary 35,000 Seafarer's Cowries and achieved Level 12, it's finally time to purchase the Island Alligator Mount. Follow these steps to make the purchase:

Summoning Your Island Alligator Mount

  1. Travel to your Island Sanctuary by accessing it through the Lower La Noscea's Moraby Drydocks.
  2. Head to the Horrendous Hoarder seller located at coordinates X: 12.5 and Y: 28.5 within your sanctuary.
  3. Interact with the Horrendous Hoarder and select the option for "Purchase items with seafarer's cowries."
  4. Locate and select the Island Alligator Mount Whistle from the list of items available for purchase.
  5. Confirm the purchase by spending your 35,000 Seafarer's Cowries.

After completing these steps, the Island Alligator Mount Whistle will be added to your inventory.

Step 4: Summoning Your Island Alligator Mount

With the whistle in hand, summoning your new mount is the final and most exciting step:

  1. Open your inventory and locate the Island Alligator Mount Whistle.
  2. Right-click (or the equivalent action) on the whistle to add it to your list of mounts.
  3. Open your Mount Guide and find the Island Alligator Mount.
  4. Select "Summon" to call forth your Alligator Mount.

Congratulations! You now own the prestigious Island Alligator Mount, a testament to your dedication and efforts within the Island Sanctuary.


Unlocking the Island Alligator Mount in Final Fantasy 14 is no easy feat, demanding a significant amount of time and effort dedicated to leveling up your Island Sanctuary and collecting Seafarer's Cowries. However, the reward is a visually striking and highly sought-after mount that serves as a badge of honor. We hope this guide has provided you with all the necessary steps and tips to efficiently achieve this goal. Enjoy your adventures in Eorzea and showcase your impressive new mount with pride!

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