Genshin Impact: Maximizing Your Adventure Rank and Resources

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Embarking on an adventure in the enchanting world of Teyvat, Genshin Impact players are greeted with breathtaking landscapes, intricate quests, and a diversity of characters, each with their unique abilities. Amid the exhilarating exploration and combat, two elements stand core to enhancing your gameplay experience: your Adventure Rank (AR) and the efficient management of your resources. Elevating your Adventure Rank unlocks new realms of possibilities, from challenging domains to captivating story quests. Simultaneously, adept resource management ensures your characters are well-equipped for the trials ahead. Delving deeper, this guide explores essential strategies to optimize your Adventure Rank and resource handling, paving the way for a fulfilling journey across Teyvat.

Understanding Adventure Rank (AR)

Your Adventure Rank is a fundamental aspect of your Genshin Impact journey. It symbolizes your progress and unlocks various game features, including new quests and domains, and crucially, increases your World Level. As your World Level ascends, so does the difficulty of the enemies you face, but, importantly, the quality of the loot they drop. Elevating your AR is, therefore, pivotal to accessing the full breadth of what Genshin Impact has to offer.

Increasing Adventure Rank

To efficiently increase your AR, consider the following activities:

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Completing Daily Commissions: A consistent source of Adventure EXP, daily commissions should never be overlooked. Complete all four daily for a substantial EXP boost, plus a bonus upon completion.

  • Exploration: Teyvat is replete with chests, challenges, and teleport waypoints that all grant Adventure EXP upon discovery or completion. Explorative diligence is rewarded not just with EXP but also resources.
  • Completing Quests: Both Archon and Story Quests offer hefty Adventure EXP payouts. Keep an eye on your AR requirements to tackle new quests as they become available.
  • Ley Line Outcrops: Although primarily a resource for character leveling and Mora, engaging in Ley Line Outcrops also yields Adventure EXP.

Resource Management Fundamentals

Resource management in Genshin Impact encompasses a broad array of materials, currencies, and consumables vital for character and weapon enhancement, crafting, and more. Effective resource management is paramount. Here are several key resources and strategies for management:

Primogems and Wishes

The gacha system in Genshin Impact is powered by Primogems, utilized to make Wishes for new characters and weapons. Accumulating Primogems efficiently involves:

  • Completing daily commissions, quests, and events.
  • Unlocking achievements and exploring for chests.
  • Monthly card and Battle Pass purchases for regular income (optional).


The universal currency for in-game transactions, including character leveling, weapon ascension, and purchasing from vendors. Optimize your Mora gain by:

  • Participating in Ley Line Outcrop challenges daily.
  • Exploring and opening chests across Teyvat.
  • Selling excess materials or artifacts you no longer need.

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Character Experience Materials

While engaging in combat grants a modest amount of experience, relying on Character Experience Materials is far more efficient for leveling your characters. Boost your stock by:

  • Focusing on Ley Line Outcrops that yield these materials.
  • Completing specific domains on their respective days.
  • Use your Original Resin wisely to prioritize these resources when needed.

Strategic Use of Original Resin

Original Resin is a pivotal resource in Genshin Impact, consumed to claim rewards from Ley Lines, bosses, and domains. Its regeneration rate and cap impose a natural constraint on your farming capacity. To maximize its use:

  • Plan ahead: Decide which resources are your priority and focus your Resin on these activities. Whether it’s talent materials, artifacts, or Mora - efficient planning ensures no Resin is wasted.
  • Resin refills: While Primogems can be used to replenish Original Resin, it’s generally advised to use this sparingly, given the importance of Primogems for Wishes.
  • Fragile Resin: Earned through Adventure Rank increases and certain events, Fragile Resin instantly replenishes Original Resin. Save these for major farming efforts or events.

Artifacts: Maximizing Potential

Artifacts significantly impact your characters' performance in Genshin Impact. Understanding how to effectively manage and invest in artifacts is crucial. Consider these strategies:

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  • Focusing on Main Stats and Substats: Prioritize artifacts with beneficial main stats for your characters’ roles (e.g., ATK for DPS, HP for tanks). Substats also play a critical role in fine-tuning performance.
  • Artifact Sets: Combining pieces from the same set can activate powerful set bonuses. Evaluate which sets synergize best with your characters’ abilities and roles.
  • Resourcefully Upgrading Artifacts: Use lower rarity artifacts as fodder to level up your higher rarity, more valuable artifacts. This is an effective way to conserve and utilize your resources.

Tailoring Your Team and Strategy

Crafting a balanced team that synergizes well is vital to taking on the wide array of challenges Teyvat throws at you. Consider character elements, roles (DPS, support, healer), and how their abilities interact. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your playstyle and the obstacle at hand.


Mastering Adventure Rank advancements and resource management are integral to a satisfying Genshin Impact experience. By strategically tackling daily commissions and quests and utilizing your Original Resin effectively, you can significantly streamline your progress. Paying careful attention to resource allocation for Wishes, Mora, and character development will ensure that your roster is not just diverse but also powerful and well-prepared for all the challenges Teyvat has in store. Remember, while the strategies outlined provide a solid foundation, the vast world of Genshin Impact encourages exploration and experimentation. So, venture forth, Traveler, and tailor your journey to unlock the myriad secrets within.

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