GTA Online Cheating Takes a Dangerous Leap with New Exploit

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Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) has had its fair share of cheaters in the past. However, a new exploit has been discovered that takes cheating to a whole new level. This exploit allows modders on the PC platform to remove other players' money, reduce their reputation levels, and even lock them out of the game entirely. Twitter users Tez2 and HarryGotTaken have highlighted the issue and warned players to stay away from the game until it is patched.

The exploit reportedly allows cheaters to freely modify players' profiles, stats and accounts. This means that players can find themselves losing their money and reputation levels with no explanation. The most troubling aspect of this exploit is its ability to ban or delete player accounts, effectively locking them out of the game.

Cheaters have been a long-standing issue in GTA Online, with some players using them to gain an unfair advantage. With this new exploit, the stakes have been raised as players can now potentially be locked out of the game entirely. It is possible that modders have been using the exploit to remove money from players' accounts and increase their own.

Aside from avoiding playing the game altogether, Twitter user Tez2 has recommended that players set up a firewall rule to prevent the exploit from being used. Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA Online, has not yet released an official statement on the exploit, although it is likely that they are already working on a fix.

The new exploit in GTA Online is a worrying development as it can cause players to lose their accounts and money. Rockstar Games is yet to release a statement on the issue but it is likely that they are already working on a fix. Until then, players should stay away from the game or set up a firewall rule to protect themselves from the exploit.

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