How Stock Market and Assassinations Are Connected in GTA V

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If you need one more reason to play GTA V after all these years, here is one. The stock market in San Andreas is a more dangerous way to earn than assassination missions! Or at least, so it seems. Still, there is an explanation that makes this strange situation make sense.

Experienced players know that they can earn on the stock market in GTA V. But it is risky, mostly because you cannot predict how prices go. The basic rules of the BAWSAQ and the LCN (in-game stock markets) are the same as in the real world. And, quite realistically, predicting it is hard. In addition, you need to already have some money to put in it to make your profits worth it. 

On the other hand, if you cannot foresee the changes, you can influence them. That’s where the connection comes. Every significant corporation has a counterpart, a rival, and the balance between the two can be shaken. When you take one of Lester’s Assassination Missions, you can predict how this or that murder will impact the stock market. So you can buy or sell shares according to the piece of insider information you already have. And no, it won’t look suspicious to the authorities.

If you combine stock market activity with assassinations that affect it directly, that will probably get you the biggest profit. There are even cheat sheets that show you the best combinations of investments and assassinations. To maximize the effect, you need to invest all your characters’ money before going out on the mission. And to find the best moments to close deals, you can just take a nap.

The fly in the ointment is that this method of moneymaking won’t work until you’re through the main campaign. But playing GTA V in the open world mode is just as much fun. And if you want to make a fortune and establish your life, The Sims-style, within GTA V, you will still need a lot of money. What games are you going to play? Share your preferences in the comments below.

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