Indian Gaming Companies Ask the Government to Distinguish Between Real-Money Games and Video Games

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Over 40 leading Indian video game and e-sport companies have recently joined together in order to ask the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for clear regulations on distinguishing between video games and real money gaming apps. The companies are hoping that the government will understand the medium before it negatively impacts the industry as a whole. This representation was organized by Outlier Games, which is developing a third-person superhero game called Deliverance.

Currently, both video games (played solely for entertainment) and online games played for stakes (real-money wagering) fall under similar regulatory purviews. Therefore, these companies are asking MeitY to create distinct regulations so that each type of game can be regulated differently. They have already sent out a letter with signatures from key figures in the industry expressing their opinions on this matter. Additionally, they hope to meet with MeitY soon in order to discuss their suggestions further and ensure that any rules laid down do not adversely affect their business or livelihoods.

The group has highlighted several points regarding why clear distinctions should be made between real money gaming apps and video games, such as those produced by Outlier Games or other Indian developers/publishers like Nazara Technologies or Dhruva Interactive, among others. Firstly, because there is no limit to how much one can spend on real money gaming apps, but there are limits set on how much users can spend on typical mobile/PC titles; secondly, because different types of consumer protections need to be created for each category; lastly, because taxes also differ depending upon whether an app deals with virtual currencies or actual cash transactions.


All in all, it remains unclear what kind of response authorities might give towards this joint representation made by significant members within India's Video Game Industry however, having said that, its important for us all realize that Real Money Gaming Apps come with certain risks associated especially when compared against traditional forms offree2Play titles & therefore it would only make sense if we had separate policies governing them both. Ultimately this could help protect consumers better while simultaneously giving developers more control over pricing models implemented within their own projects & thus helping promote better competitive practices amongst them all!

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