Larian Studios Returns Baldur's Gate 3 Cat Character to Fan-Favorite Appearance After Outrage

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Clear communication of their intent to create an enjoyable gaming experience throughout Baldur's Gate 3 has been a focal point for Larian Studios. They've openly acknowledged shortcomings in the game’s third act and are gradually improving aspects like the narrative and romantic subplots. Now, their commitment to fan pleasure has scaled to new heights by striving to make a cat character precisely as fans envisioned it. Intrigued? Let’s break down this intriguing story.

Within the game, players come across a feline character named "His Majesty" who calls the "Last Light Inn" home. The cat bore the semblance of a "shaven cat," most closely resembling a unique real-world breed, the "Hairless Sphynx.” However, there was a mix-up. “His Majesty" was not intended to have this appearance. Instead, there was an error in the game's coding that made him resemble another cat character known as “Steelclaw."

Recognizing this mistake, Larian Studios ventured to rectify the cat's appearance in a game update last month. However, as subsequent social media reactions revealed, this re-design did not sit well with the fanbase.

Unhappy fans reacted so strongly that Larian Studios swiftly issued a hotfix. Released today, this patch encompasses numerous changes across the game, but the most notable feature is the "re-shaven" cat, "His Majesty."

In a surprising twist, Larian Studios returned the cat to his unintended bald state and even slightly altered “Steelclaw” to ensure they weren’t identical.

This could easily be one of the strangest "fixes" in gaming history. Interestingly, "His Majesty" wasn’t a key character in the story, just a feline that players encountered at the inn! But the outrage over the cat's re-designed fur, which was initially intended before the mistake, made it seem like the most egregious error to befall the game.

This story speaks volumes about Larian Studios' ongoing commitment to ensuring the happiness of their fanbase, regardless of how trivial or peculiar an issue might be. With this newly demonstrated power, curiosity is piqued as to whether fans will now attempt to influence Larian to initiate more changes tailored to their liking in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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