Mastering the Secrets of Orkish Chests in Lord of The Rings: Return to Moria

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Have you ever lost track of time raiding Orc Camps in LORD of The Rings: Return To Moria, with an aim to unlock Orkish Chests but to no avail? Well, buckle up as we unveil the mystery behind the precious Orkish Chests that talk to every adventurer's heart.

Understanding the Orcish Mysteries

Understanding the Orcish Mysteries

Orcs, the corrupted arm of Morgoth, the Dark Lord, has overrun the vacated halls of Moria after the exodus of Dwarves from Khazad-dûm. Moria is now home to several Orc Camps, and at the hub of each one, you'll find two paramount elements – the Orkish Chests and Orc Banners. These Chests are keys to a world of treasures in Return to Moria, but they can pose a challenge when it comes to unlocking them.

Step 1: Breaching into the Elven Quarters

Prepare to embark upon an adventure as you access the Elven Quarters, the second realm in the game. It is here that you commence your journey, roaming through the halls inundated with distinct Orc Camps and accompanying Orkish Chests. First and foremost, devise a strategy to clear the camp, wisely neutralizing any Orcs and Wolves that stand in your way.

Step 2: Sabotaging the Orc Banners

With the encampment secured, your focus should shift toward the wooden Orc Banner, which is your next target. Using your trusty Axe or Pickaxe, demolish the Banner that sits at the helm of the camp. This action will bar the camp from generating additional Orcs or Goblins.

Additionally, shattering the Banner will reward you with an Orc Key, the key to your desired Orkish Chest. To evade unnecessary squabbles, you can head straight to disintegrating the wooden totem, thereby causing all foes to disappear instantly.

Step 3: Claim and Use the Orc Key

Claim and Use the Orc Key

The Orc Key, a unique key tailored for Orkish Chests, can be claimed by simply pressing E on your keyboard. This precious key gets you closer to the rewards packed inside the Orkish Chests. To unlock the Chests, all you need to do is approach them and press E once again, turning the lock with the Orc Key.

Should you wish to adopt an alternative approach, forcibly opening the Orkish Chest by continuously hitting it with an Axe or Pickaxe is also an option. Although remember, this might demand over a hundred hits and can be quite a tiresome task.

Step 4: Unveiling the Treasures of Orkish Chests

Success at last! The joy you experience as you unlock an Orkish Chest is unparalleled. The Chests harbor an array of valuable items that include Muznakan Cravings, Black Diamonds, Gold Coins, Gemstones like Sapphire, Jade, Iolite, different metal Ingots, different metal Ores, and, of course, Meat.

To conclude, learning the knack to unlock Orkish Chests in Return To Moria adds another level of excitement and interest to the game. Armed with our guide, you can now enjoy a seamless gaming experience, effortlessly unlocking Orkish Chests while uncovering the lost secrets of Moria.

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