Meta Actively Work On Launching Facebook Reels API

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Soon, all Facebook users will be able to publish their Reels on third-party resources and platforms. The company is currently working on launching its own API that will help creators, influencers, and brands reach a large audience.

The tech giant’s representatives said they know some users had to resort to workarounds to create unique content, share their materials elsewhere, and manage other social networks. The company is developing its own API to make integration easier and smoother. In June of this year, it already launched the Instagram Reels API, which proved to be very successful, providing creators with convenient tools for generating content and obtaining valuable performance metrics.

The company collaborated with software developers such as Sprout Social, Jellysmack, and Wix to build this API. These platforms are the first to make it possible to share your Reels. Of course, in the future, this list will become much wider. The distribution of materials from Meta products and the use of tools that allow them to be placed on third-party services should compete with TikTok, which is currently the leader in popularity among creators and viewers of short videos.

Nevertheless, recent statistics show a drop in user interest in Reels. Thus, engagement has decreased by more than 13% in recent months. According to this indicator, Instagram is significantly inferior to TikTok. Perhaps Meta’s attempts to catch up with this service, specifically designed for short videos, may prove futile.

Only time will tell whether Meta can optimize Reels’ recommendation algorithm to offer more relevant content. In the meantime, share your experience with Reels and TikTok in the comments. Which functionality do you find more convenient?

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