New Playstation Commercial Shows That Sony Is Leaving the PS4 in the Past

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Sony recently released a trailer for the upcoming games on their PS4 and PS5 consoles. The trailer revealed that some of the most highly-anticipated new titles will only be available on the PS5, suggesting that Sony is preparing to retire its current console soon. This news has left many gamers wondering what this means for the future of PlayStation and whether they should upgrade to a PS5 or not.

The PlayStation 4 has been an incredibly successful console since its launch in 2013, selling over 117 million units worldwide and ranking fourth amongst best-selling consoles ever made, right behind Nintendo DS and Game Boy. It saw some amazing game releases during its time, making it truly a generation-defining console. However, it seems like Sony is now ready to move on from this popular machine as they have only announced five first-party exclusives for their next-gen console two years after its release. Moreover, there are only a handful of third-party exclusive games available on the PS5, which can also be found on outdated platforms such as Final Fantasy 16, Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Expansion, and more.

Microsoft had already discontinued production of Xbox One by 2020 in order to focus entirely on Series X | S, whereas Sony ordered one million additional PS4 units in 2022 due to a shortage in supply of their own newer product line up. This surge in demand was another indication that players were still interested in owning an old gen system despite all these modern advancements coming out every day, such as virtual reality headsets (PSVR2). Additionally, with 2023 being ten years since the launch date of PlayStation 4, it could be very possible that Sony may decide to retire it all together by the end of this year.

It goes without saying that retiring such an iconic piece of hardware will have far-reaching implications, considering the fact how influential Playstation 4’s library was when it comes gaming industry at large. Players who don’t possess next-gen systems may find themselves unable to access a few remarkable titles mentioned above, plus a plethora of other games which are still yet to come out later in the past year. Thus if you are planning to buy a brand new device, then now would great opportunity to do so before prices start skyrocketing due to increasing demand.


With Playstation 5 gaining a strong foothold market, the retirement of Playstation 4 looks inevitable but, at the same time bittersweet moment for fans alike who will miss playing classic titles from the previous generation. Nevertheless, no matter what happens, we can rest assured knowing fact Sony always striving to innovate while providing quality entertainment the whole family enjoys together!

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