One Bad Apple: Fortnite Rebuffed — Epic Is Losing The Legal Battle

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Fortnite isn’t returning to the App Store anytime soon. The US District Court of Appeals has accepted Apple’s appeal, which makes the game’s comeback improbable.

Last September, the federal court ruled out that Apple must allow app developers to provide extra links and pay buttons. These would allow the end-user to buy extra lives, lunch boxes, and cosmetics directly from the devs.

However, Apple realized how big of a threat that would be — the company “confiscates” about 30% from each in-app purchase made via their store.

The appeal was made to the US District Court of Appeals. It led to the federal judge verdict being postponed, as the whole situation “raises serious questions”.

On one hand, active app users literally have to overpay covering the commissions set by Cupertino’s company. It was one of the main reasons why Epic started the legal feud back in August 2020.

On the other hand, Apple has every right to regulate prices the way they want — the store is their platform.

However, they have no right to “punish” those developers who want to bypass their distribution monopoly, by offering direct purchases from their websites and other outlets.

This was the reason why iPhone’s maker was suspected of violating the California Unfair Competition Law in the first place.

Now, the next stage of the legal process, which includes the processing of appeals. And this actually could take years, before a clear and final verdict is reached.

At the same time, some developers are aiming to break Apple’s and Google’s monopolies.

As an answer, the Coalition of App Fairness was formed — with Epic as one of its leaders — to battle commissions. Which at this point can remind us of extortion.

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