Sharing Wi-Fi Password Between Android and iPhone

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Is it possible to share your password on Wi-Fi between two different mobile platforms? It is even easier than you thought. While some of us may still believe that there is no such service, people who invited their friends to the party have to deal with numerous questions about home Wi-Fi.
If your guests ask you to share Wi-Fi with them but you don’t remember the password, don’t worry. You can share the network between the Apple owners. Android 10 has a QR code scanning app that shares Wi-Fi among the audience too. Yet, you can challenge yourself and find out how to share the Wi-Fi between iPhone and Android smartphones.

Shortcut App for Android and iOS Devices

There is no native option for iOS to share the same network with Android devices. Yet, you can use a third party for this. This app emulates the sharing service with a QR code. You have to find out the Wi-Fi password for the QR code and you have to set up the service for every network. The app syncs with the iOS 13 system or later. Follow the next steps to get your shortcut to the iOS phone:

  • Go to Safari browser and type in the bar to find the option you need;
  • Press the “Get Shortcut” at the bar below and begin the downloading process. Once it is done, you can open the shortcut in the app;
  • If you want to open the shortcut in this app manually, just tap the “Open”;
  • Go down to the button that is called “Add Shortcut”, and you will see it almost at the bottom of the list. You have to tap this button and add the shortcut to the iOS device.

Now you have added the shortcut on your phone. You still need to add the password of the Wi-Fi you have. Once you find it, follow the next steps:

  • Open the My Shortcuts page and tap “Share Wi-Fi shortcut”;
  • Press the three dots icon you will see in the right upper corner of the display, so you can edit the shortcut;
  • Find the input block with the name “Text” and check the button “Add Wi-Fi password”;
  • You have to replace it with the actual password of your Wi-Fi you try to share with others;
  • There is a cross symbol in the right upper corner which you need to tap. It will save the changes of the shortcut with your Wi-Fi.

You may use the Shortcuts app to open the Share Wi-Fi service. It will offer you to use the QR code with the information on the network you are connected. If you want to save this shortcut you can do it in a few taps. Add it to the home screen to simplify the whole process in the future. You will not need to constantly open the app each time you need to use Wi-Fi. Stay connected to this network if you want to share it with others. You may also duplicate this shortcut and offer more options to your friends. To do it, just go back to your second step and enter the password for Wi-Fi you need.
You can also create several shortcuts. If you don’t want to get lost in them, you can create different names for each shortcut. You can also use the iCloud account and sync the shortcut with it. You will be able to navigate it via the MacBooks, Mac Mini, iPad, and iMac.

Using the Network on Android

Here is how you can share the Wi-Fi on Android. You have to scan the QR code for it. Here is the instruction:

  • Go to the Camera app;
  • Open mode Photo;
  • Point your phone to the QR code of the Wi-Fi. Once it is scanned, the new network will appear;
  • In the pop-up notification tap the “Connect to network” option.

Use Wi-Fi on Your Phones

You may try any of the recommendations above. You will quickly learn how to share your Wi-Fi with other people. To do it you still need to download third-party apps.
Which is your favorite method to share Wi-Fi? Do you remember your password for the home connection? Express your ideas on sharing Wi-Fi in the comments below.

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