The Best Reddit Apps and Extensions for Redditors

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The era of forums isn’t gone; they are all on Reddit now. With millions of active Redditors ready to speak on anything, that’s the place where you can discuss anything, search for community-powered technical support and solutions, share your feelings, and whatever. And, of course, there is more to Reddit than its official apps and website. Here are some tools that will make your Reddit experience much more comfortable.

Mobile Apps

Following the example of good old forums, Reddit allows third-party developers to make independent apps for it. And some of them are in certain aspects better than the official one. It’s not a tough job, though: there are many complaints about the official app, including unjustified Facebook-like infinite scrolling, an awkward built-in media player which doesn’t even show the URL of what it’s about to play, too basic GIF features, and a useless search box. So, third-party apps often do a much better job. Here are the most prominent alternative apps for Reddit and the features you may adore about them.

Apollo (iOS)

If briefly, it’s the app that does everything better than the original. It loads threads and videos fast, marks read threads, hides spoilers and NSFW content behind warnings like their authors intended and does a lot more. Its appearance suit the modern iOS style, and new features appear constantly. For example, it highlights accounts created recently, so you can detect potential bot attacks.

The app is free and doesn’t even require registration. Yet you can subscribe to Apollo Ultra ($0.99/mo) or Apollo Pro ($4.99/mo). The latter adds adjustable notifications, while Apollo Ultra delivers most premium features and frees you from ads.

Boost (Android)

With a customizable interface, media preview features, and advanced post-filters, this Reddit app delivers more fun than the original. It is highly adjustable, so, depending on your approach, you can either choose a data-saving mode or save media in the highest quality. Drafts, spoilers, tags, and syncing are also supported. The app is free, though it supports Golden subscription ()

Narwhal (iOS)

If you are one of the first Redditors and want it as old-school as it once was, Narwhal is one good app that lets you customize everything. Its default style, though, is so 2010s that your iPhone 13 may look like 4s. The app automatically marks threads as read, offers easy and readable menus, and makes the most use of gesture control. It’s basically free, except for one ad at the bottom that can be removed with a single purchase.

RIF Is Fun (Android)

This app is really fun. Formerly known as Reddit Is Fun, but probably forced to remove the word “Reddit” from the name, it features a better interface, data-saving mode, lightweight size, and is compatible with absolutely most smartphones. The app is free, but its premium ad-free version is $2.99 which is more than affordable.

Slide (iOS/Android)

Along with being cross-platform, this app is unique in many aspects. It works offline with cached subreddits. It supports thousands of themes and color combinations. It makes moderation easy and syncs across its copies with synccit.

Browser Extensions

If you prefer browsing through subreddits on your desktop or laptop, there are still solutions that make your experience better than vanilla. Though there cannot be alternative sites, there may be (and are) browser extensions that add new features and reveal undocumented ones.

RES (Reddit Enhancement Studio)

It’s the ultimate tool for Reddit, making it way more readable, especially if you like to read long threads of comments and don’t like to get lost in them. With features like Comment Navigator, editing and formatting tools, and a built-in bookmark manager for comments, this makes your Reddit truly yours. The extension exists for most browsers that are popular in 2022.

Readr for Reddit

This simple extension for Chrome lets you read long threads of comments. With it, you can unfold and fold back selected threads within a topic. It also allows selecting fonts.

Hoover Zoom+

With this Chrome extension, you can zoom the images on Reddit, easily navigate between them, and save them on your drive. There would be no need for this extension if Reddit handled images properly from the beginning.

Now That You Have Read It

Who said that this pun is exclusive to Reddit founders? Now that you have Reddit better than before, how does it feel? Let’s talk about these and other tools. If you have tried them, what did you like about them the most? We are not Reddit, but still, we’d like to read your comments in the section below.

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