The Free Will Hunt: A New Gimmick in Sims 4

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A new gameplay mechanic in Sims 4 will make simulated personas in your game live their lives. In turn, you can affect what’s happening to them.

The latest update — Neighborhood Stories — saw the light on November 30. The central gimmick of the content pack was that non-playable Sims became more self-dependent.

Now, the simulated personages will have their own little drama and joys. While you’re busy with your Sim’s life, they will fall in love, take oaths, divorce, build careers, and so forth.

However, the concept won’t affect the entire Sims town where you live. It will rather focus on those Sims that you interact with on a regular basis.

This includes your work colleagues, bandmates, cult fellow-members, drinking mates, and so forth. The idea will add more dynamics to the game — previously NPC Sims were mostly limited to the role of the static dummies or “walking decorations”.

Intriguingly, you can also affect their lives and choices. Sims will share their hopes, dreams, and plans with you. In turn, you can use that intel to your advantage.

For example, if you know that a Sim has a crush, you can devote your time to arranging a happy love story for them.

Or you can choose a different tactic and steal the love interest right from under the Sim’s nose. The creativity leeway is truly endless here.

There are even two new aspirations: Villainous Valentine and Neighborhood Confidante. They come as part of the first thematic update dedicated to self-reliant Sims.

And more updates are expected to arrive. It seems we’ll be able to guide other Sims through their career choices, help them to get out of trouble, or fulfill their dreams. And even ruin their lives, maybe.

Neighborhood Stories update pack is available for free. Which other features would you like to see in the future Sims updates? Let us know in the comments!

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