The Legacy of the Black Dragonflight: Post-Cataclysm Potential Leaders

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With the latest addition to the World of Warcraft saga, Dragonflight, fans have been captivated by the newfound relevance of the game's dragons. With a focus on fleshing out the pasts and futures of these majestic creatures, the Black Dragonflight has emerged as a central plotline since the events of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. As we follow the journey of the Black Dragonflight, the burning question on the minds of fans is, who will lead as the next Black Aspect?

Deathwing, the former Black Aspect and villain of Cataclysm left a deep void in leadership upon his demise. His fall led to the extinction of the corrupted Black Dragonflight, leaving fans to speculate on the possibilities for successors. Two distinct characters stand as potential leaders for the reformed Black Dragonflight: Ebyssian, who sought redemption from the remnants of the Black Dragonflight, and Wrathion, who has been attempting to do the same for years.

Ebyssian is better known as Ebonhorn, an ancient and wise black dragon. He has resided alongside the Highmountain Tauren for generations, providing counsel and support for their growth. Ebyssian’s subdued nature and reputation as a noble protector make him an ideal candidate for the role of the Black Aspect. As a direct descendent of the uncorrupted black dragon lineage, Ebyssian has shown his capacity to embrace balance and wisdom, which is essential for the reformed Dragonflight's growth.

On the other hand, Wrathion has been highly involved with the Black Dragonflight's redemption efforts since his birth from a purified black dragon egg. Fiercely determined and cunning, Wrathion has displayed the cunning and intelligence that marked Deathwing's rule. While powerful, Wrathion’s ambitious nature and thirst for victory may raise questions about his capabilities as a leader. Can he overcome his less desirable traits and lead the Black Dragonflight toward a more benevolent legacy and balance?

In conclusion, the choice of who will become the next Black Aspect is decisively vital to the future of the Black Dragonflight. Players impatiently await the unfolding story in hopes of a new era of leadership and redemption. Whether Ebyssian's wisdom and nobility or Wrathion's intelligence and determination triumph, the inclusion of these characters has added a fresh dimension to the World of Warcraft's ongoing saga.

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