Twitter to Introduce Full-Size Articles. Why?

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Speaking briefly is an art; that’s why we love Twitter, despite its obvious flaws like reluctance to let users edit their tweets. Yet Twitter does evolve: it has doubled the character limit, allowed to react with a heart-shaped icon instead of retweets and replies, and even tests downvotes. This one upcoming innovation, though, seems strange: Twitter will probably introduce a platform for full-size texts.

The feature already appears in the web version for some lucky users. Their luck is not that big so far, as there are no published articles. So we cannot judge what these articles are. So far, Twitter allows users to create threads of tweets if they want to tell a story one tweet is too short for. The new format, according to Jane Manchun Wong, will not imply any limitations: texts may be as long as possible (reasonably).

These articles may be a part of exclusive content active users create for their Super Followers. A paid subscription is a thing for some time on Twitter, and those who pay for content may want it more readable. Another opportunity is that Articles will be available to Twitter Blue subscribers only. Recently Twitter acquired Revue, a newsletter platform, and Scroll, a solution for easier access to news sites. Maybe Articles will also deal with the news.

Who does Twitter try to catch up with? Of course, not Facebook or platforms focused on video and images. The closest analog is Telegram, with its publishing platform It’s just as text-centric and lapidary, with nothing but text and some media, and gaining more popularity as well as the messenger. But doesn’t it undermine the very concept of Twitter as the platform where it takes seconds to both share and read firsthand news?

Would you like to read full articles on Twitter? Are you already a Twitter Blue subscriber? Have you been irritated by threads, or are you good with them? Let’s discuss the new feature in the comments!

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