V Rising Making Its Way to PS5 and Introduces Controller Support on PC

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V Rising, Stunlock Studios' enchanting vampire-based survival game, has been captivating players since its early access launch on PC in May 2022. This RPG with castle-building elements, powered by the Unity engine, offers a fresh take on the survival genre by placing players in the boots of powerful vampires. With sales figures tipping over three million copies as of January 2023, the game is ready to sink its teeth into a fresh pool of gaming enthusiasts.

During the first PlayStation State of Play of 2024, it was announced that V Rising is gearing up for its console debut on the PlayStation 5 sometime in 2024. The game is already being touted as one of the standout vampire-centric games in the market. The PC community has been buzzing, too, as the eagerly awaited addition of controller support was confirmed, something players have been yearning for since the game's release. As it stands, while there is no inherent controller support for the PC version, resourceful players have found ways to play on systems like the Steam Deck or the higher-spec Asus ROG Ally.

Stunlock Studios has hinted that a significant update is on the horizon for V Rising, aiming for the game's full release, with the 1.0 version anticipated to drop in the second quarter of 2024. Far from being the final chapter, Stunlock Studios has committed to continuous development past this milestone. The game's recent substantial update, known as Secrets of Gloomrot, rolled out in May, enriching the game with a treasure trove of new features, including the Ancestral Forge, which lets players craft illustrious weapons fit for the most noble of vampires.

In addition to the V Rising announcements, the latest Sony State of Play thrust a spotlight on numerous exciting titles, with glimpses into the virtual reality adaptation of the dystopian Metro universe captivating the audience. An intriguing follow-up trailer for the awaited sequel Death Stranding 2: On the Beach also made waves, divulging a flurry of details about Hideo Kojima's latest venture in game design.

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