Windows 11 Notepad App to Get Tabs Feature in Early 2023

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Microsoft is reportedly planning to roll out a tab feature for its Windows 11 Notepad app sometime in early 2023. This was revealed after a Microsoft employee accidentally posted an image of the feature on Twitter, which was then spotted by Windows Central before it could be deleted. It is speculated that this tab feature has been under internal testing and that Windows 11 users may get to use this soon.

The new tabs interface within the Notepad app will enable users to open multiple documents simultaneously while also allowing them to switch between tasks quickly without having to close one window and open another. It will also save time spent looking for documents as they can all be accessed from the same place with just one click or tap. Furthermore, this feature can also prove useful when documenting different versions of a file since it allows users to compare two files side-by-side easily.

Prior to rolling out the tabs for Notepad, Microsoft had already rolled out similar features across all Windows 10 apps including File Explorer four years ago but never released it officially due to some issues during development stage at that time. However, now it appears that they are finally ready with their updated version and are planning on releasing it along with other improved features soon enough.

In conclusion, Microsoft's upcoming tabbed interface for its Notepad app would make things easier and faster not only for regular consumers but even those professionals who need quick access into multiple files at once or need accurate comparison of various versions of files side by side in order to make informed decisions faster than ever before.. If reports are true, then we should expect this new tabs feature around early 2023 when Microsoft official rolls out its much awaited Windows 11 version worldwide.