Xbox Moves Swiftly to Address 'Feel the Intensity' Gamepad Campaign After Shutting Down Development Studios

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Yesterday, Xbox revealed news about an exciting Fire Vapor Special Edition wireless controller with an energetic tagline, "Feel the Heat." Ordinarily, such an enthusiastic announcement would slip by unnoticed. The controller in the spotlight presented a vibrant, fire-inspired design with shades reminiscent of glowing embers, adding context to the fiery introduction for anyone viewing the message in a vacuum.

Yet, the day was anything but typical for Microsoft, as the tech giant had delivered a stunning impact only hours earlier by disclosing the shuttering of several Bethesda subsidiaries, including Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks.

Predictably, Microsoft's timing for unveiling the controller drew a backlash for its apparent lack of sensitivity. The critique was sharp, with one commenter on the release noting, "That's how you know when a company is out of touch."

In response, Microsoft has since updated the blog post about the newest addition to their Vapor line of Xbox controllers—which features previous editions like Stormcloud Vapor, Dream Vapor, and Nocturnal Vapor.

The Xbox Wire post now carries a far more subdued headline: "Introducing the Fire Vapor Special Edition Controller." The post proceeds as it initially did, describing the design's inspiration derived from the dynamic visuals of leaping flames and the vibrant hues that represent the essence of an intense inferno.


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