In recent years, the Call of Duty franchise has been struggling with their formula for success. After the success of last year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which was a futuristic space themed shooter, gamers were not pleased when it was announced that this year’s installment would be a return to the old style of Call of Duty. The negative reception of Infinite Warfare led to a major shake up at the developer Infinity Ward, where over a dozen employees left the company after the announcement of WWII. The company also made a decision to remove the in-game loot box system, which was a major point of contention in the community. In a surprising turn of events, the new Call of Duty WWII has been met with a generally positive response from the gaming community.


The gameplay in Call of Duty WWII is very similar to that of previous installments in the series. The game is played from a first-person perspective, with the player engaging in combat with weapons and using various tactics to complete objectives. The game is broken into missions, with each mission containing different goals. For example, one mission may require the player to be stealthy and avoid detection, while another might require the player to be aggressive and destroy buildings.


The graphics in Call of Duty WWII are relatively similar to those of Infinite Warfare. The game is rendered in a high-resolution, which provides more detail than the graphics in the previous game. The game also has the new feature of 3D, which is new for the Call of Duty franchise. This allows for a more immersive experience for the player.


Call of Duty WWII has a replayability factor of 5/10. For most gamers, the game will provide three to six hours of entertainment. After completing the game, there is the option to go back and play through on higher difficulty settings, or to play multiplayer with other people.


Overall, Call of Duty WWII is a surprisingly good game. It offers players a more realistic combat experience, with more detail in the environment. It also has a higher replayability factor. However, the game may be too linear for some players, and lacks the in-game loot box system. Although the game has slower paced gameplay, it may be a refreshing change for those who are tired of the faster-paced shooting games.

  • The game has slower paced gameplay
  • The game is more linear in its design, which may be too limiting for some players
  • The game lacks the in-game loot box system, which may disappoint some gamers
  • The game is not as fast paced as other, more recent, Call of Duty games
  • The game may not be as visually appealing to gamers with lower-end computer systems
  • The game offers players a relatively unchanged combat experience
  • The game is more visually appealing, with better graphics
  • There are many different modes of gameplay, which allows for a more varied experience
  • The game is more realistic, with more detail in the environment
  • The game has more diversity in gameplay, with various modes of play
  • The game has a higher replayability factor
  • The game has a more immersive experience, with the addition of 3D

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