Fortnite and Fall Guys: Possible New Crossover

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It is happening. Two of your favorite games can raise the craziness level to the new highs. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Fortnite collaborate in the next crossover. The leak hints that it is very possible to see these two games mixed.

Mediatonic developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout did their best to provide extraordinary outfits and a wide range of mini-games. The game is highly competitive which is similar to Epic Games’ Fortnite. There are also lots of colorful and weird skins, yet, the stakes are higher. You have to kill to survive, while in Fall Guys you can just push each other. Meanwhile, let’s be honest, we all see lots of similarities that can be used in a crossover, including multiplayer and competition. This is why it is not a shocker to get new on Fortnite-inspired cosmetics coming into the Fall Guys game.

FNLeaksAndInfo anonymous account on Twitter has recently shared the news about cosmetic files for possible crossover. The first traces of crossover were found back in February. The first speculations began to spread at that time, so developers quickly hid the files. Recently, data miners found re-added cosmetics. The new cosmetics appeared.

According to the source, developers added more options to the Fall Guys. Such outfits as Peely, Rippley, Bunny Brawler, Cuddle Team Leader, and Llama were found among the files originally. Since that time developers added Victory Backboard, Loot Llama, Blueprint, Battle Bus, and Slurp. These costumes are from Fortnite but developed in Fall Guys vivid style. You may recognize the costumes if you play Fortnite since they are all iconic and popular in the game. While there were no comments from both companies, we still hope that there will be crossover in the future.

Are you excited to see the crossover? Which game is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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