The Czech video game developer Amanita Design has been making a name for itself as a studio. The studio is most famous for its award-winning point-and-click adventure games. The studio is now releasing a new video game for PC, Mac, and Linux.


In CHUCHEL, players take on the role of a little girl named Madeline. Madeline has a strong fascination with chandeliers. One day, she notices a strange castle in the distance. Madeline walks over to the castle to explore. Madeline enters into the castle to find that it is unlike any other castle she has ever seen before. The game is separated into three different modes, each with its own set of levels. The first mode is the "Play mode", in which the player is able to explore the game's visuals and play the game's puzzles. The second mode is the "Navigate mode", in which the player is able to explore the game's environment and navigate to different areas in order to reach their goal. The third mode is the "Unlock mode", in which the player is able to explore the game's environment and unlock puzzles in order to play them.

The gameplay of CHUCHEL consists of four chapters. Each chapter is played by controlling a character. Each character has his/her own ways to solve puzzles. All four characters are needed to solve puzzles in the game. The player can switch between the four different characters at any time.


The graphics in the game are retro 8-bit style. The game also features a narrator who tells the story in rhyming couplets. The game does not feature any music. The game has a calming color scheme, which provides an enjoyable experience. The game is set in a graphic novel style, which allows the player to explore the game's world. The graphics of CHUCHEL are very good. The developers did a good job on drawing the characters and the backgrounds. The animations are also very good, and they are synchronized with the music.


Players can replay the game to get different perspectives. CHUCHEL is a game which encourages the player to continue playing over and over again, in order to explore different areas. The replayability of CHUCHEL is limited. Once the player finishes the game, there is no need to play it again.


In CHUCHEL, the player is transported into a surrealistic world of puzzles, where they must use their creativity in order to succeed. The game is whimsically trippy in nature, providing an enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

  • Difficult to get the rhyming narrative
  • Game may not be very challenging
  • Creative gameplay
  • Interesting graphics
  • Creative narrator
  • Voice overs
  • Replayability

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