Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 is a stealth horror game about the missing Mr. Peterson, an angry neighbor who once locked you in his basement. Now you have to find him. You are followed by a scarier and more mysterious enemy this time. Download Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 and find the new pieces of the puzzle in this story.


The game is a sequel to the original Hello Neighbor game. We play as a little boy who grew up and came back to his old neighborhood, to find out that his old enemy, Mr. Peterson, is missing. This is the second part of the Hello Neighbor series. Hello Neighbor 2 gameplay is still scary and full of surprises. This time, you have another enemy that looks like a crow in the hood. Hello Neighbor 2 free version offers you to find out Mr. Peterson and deal with the new rival. As in the previous games, your enemy is a smart AI that knows all your tricks. Hello Neighbor 2 gameplay is exciting with all the new possibilities of the well-known world. This time, AI may learn from you. Your enemy in Hello Neighbor 2 game can:

  • Copy your tricks if they are effective;
  • Have its own daily schedule, including the time it spends in the forest with mysterious bags;
  • Use the same objects as you;
  • AI can hunt players day and night but always come back to its house to protect it.

Hello Neighbor 2 gameplay is exciting and offers a lot of new features. You can explore the whole world and find all the secrets. AI may learn from you, copy your tricks, and have its own daily schedule.


Hello Neighbor 2 review looks similar to Hello Neighbor other games when it comes to the beautiful graphics. It is well-developed and vivid, no matter whether it is day or night. Characters around you look dashing, and you may even get fascinated by their energy. Yet, no one except you cares about Mr. Peterson, who by the way has not changed a bit, including his outfit. Yet, you may appreciate the new locations the game offers. The forest is truly enchanting in the creepiest way.


Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 is a great horror game with stunning graphics. It is not only about the old creepy Mr. Peterson. You now have a new enemy that is even scarier. The game is now an open world with new places to explore. The graphics are beautiful, but there are some glitches in this alpha version. You will have to learn how to act if you suddenly unfreeze near your enemy.

  • Some minor glitches in the game
  • After you’ve learned all the secrets of the place and your enemy, the Hello Neighbor 2 game may get less exciting
  • You have to pay for the game
  • The game is not finished
  • The well-developed plot in the game
  • Colorful graphics
  • Exciting adventures
  • Open world
  • The AI can learn from you
  • The story is well thought-out
  • You can play all characters offered
  • You can explore the open world

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