Don't Sink is a 3D physics based underwater shooter. The objective is to sink as many ships as possible, while avoiding being sunk yourself. As the player sinks a ship, a new one appears.


Don't sink follows a relatively simple gameplay. The player must sink as many ships as possible, while avoiding being sunk by enemy ships. Ships spawn from the top of the screen and sink to the bottom, with a slight delay. The player is equipped with a harpoon, which is shot by tapping on the screen. The player may shoot the harpoon as fast as they want, and the harpoon will only shoot the ship it is aimed at. Enemy ships may also shoot harpoons, and the player must avoid them.

Players control a ship and must avoid obstacles and collect treasure to earn points. The ship can be controlled by tapping on the screen and can be moved in any direction for as long as the player wants to. Navigating the ship requires using the ship's momentum to move it around obstacles, as well as using the ship's momentum to collect treasure and avoid obstacles. Players can also use the ship's momentum to change their direction and avoid obstacles.


The graphics of the game are minimalistic and 3D, and there is a lack of color, but the lack of color is not a major detractor. The graphics of Don't Sink are simple and retro. The background has a blue and white design and the obstacles and treasure are also simple and stylized.


Don't Sink has a high replayability factor. The player will be able to sink ships with higher and higher scores as they play. Don't Sink is a puzzle game that can be played over and over again. The same map is present every time the player starts the game, but players can choose from four different ships, each with a different power.


If you like strategy games, you'll love Don't Sink. Set in the year 1941, this game is about being the captain of a boat, trying to survive the war. First, you are given a tutorial which explains the basics of gameplay. The tutorial is about 2 minutes long.

  • The lack of color is a major detractor, and the controls feel unresponsive at times
  • The game is simple and can be played with one hand, and has a high replayability factor
  • Players have the freedom to move the ship anywhere they want to
  • The graphics are simple and stylized
  • The same map is present every time the player starts the game

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