Among Us, released in 2018, is an online multiplayer game that hinges on social deduction, created by the US-based game studio Innersloth. Drawing inspiration from the classic party activity Mafia and the suspenseful sci-fi movie The Thing, Among Us offers a riveting gaming experience.

Set against the backdrop of space, players in Among Us assume one of two roles: the majority as Crewmates, with a few designated as Impostors. Crewmates endeavor to unmask the Impostors, remove them from the game, and complete various tasks across the map. Impostors, on the other hand, subtly cause chaos and eliminate Crewmates covertly. A victory for Crewmates comes with either all Impostors being removed or all their tasks being finished, while Impostors claim victory when they match the number of Crewmates or successfully orchestrate a critical system failure that goes unaddressed.

With its elaborate graphics and immersive soundtrack, Among Us captivates players with its intergalactic environments. Graphically, the game employs a charming, cartoonish style, delineating Crewmates and Impostors differently to enhance gameplay. The space theme is consistently conveyed through the game's visual elements.

The nature of multiplayer games inherently makes Among Us highly replayable — no two matches are the same. The game boasts four maps, with three currently available and one more announced for future release in 2021. Among Us is recognized for being one of the most replayable titles available. Match durations typically span 30 minutes but can extend up to 90 minutes depending on how players engage with the game's different maps, which become accessible as tasks are completed in the present map.

Among Us has garnered a favorable reception, with a composite score of 7.4 out of 10. It has been commended for the addictiveness of its gameplay and the originality of its space setting. While some critique is directed at occasional technical issues and questions of replayability, the game has firmly established itself as a beloved choice among gamers.

  • The game has many technical issues
  • The game is too addictive
  • The game requires a lot of device storage
  • The game has a lot of in-app purchases, which can be expensive
  • The game is very slow-paced
  • The game is multiplayer, meaning every game is different
  • The game has detailed graphics, and an atmospheric soundtrack
  • The game is highly addicting
  • The game has an easy to learn gameplay
  • The game is free to play
  • The game is highly replayable
  • The game has an easy-to-use interface

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